Our Story

At Campa, we're proud to provide households with natural, high-quality products. As a family-owned business founded over a decade ago, we're grown into Georgia’s leading juiceproducer and fast growing exporter. Our product portfolio incorporates two format juice tetra and glass and 14 varieties of juices and nectars, made from finest fruits grown locally and abroad.

At Campa, we believe in letting the mighty fruit speak for itself; apart from sourcing from the best fruit processors worldwide, we adhere to a strict all natural policy that excludes the use of GMOs, additives, artificial flavourings and colorants. Another crucial ingredient is water. We enrich our products with pristine, mineral-dense glacial meltwater from the Caucasus Peaks that yields extra deliciousness. To ensure the safety and top nutritional value of our drinks, we rely on premier production methods that result in product purity and quality for extended shelf life without preservatives.